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The Harrill Solution: Secrets of
Successful Relationships Revealed

Learn to create the relationships you deserve and discover ways to transform your current relationships. How? Build self-awareness; use challenging relationships to see and heal your own issues, discover your spiritual purpose. If you are single and seeking a new relationship, married and wish you weren’t, want to upgrade a stuck-in-a rut relationship, or want to be happy without a relationship, the solution in each scenario is the same. Become the person you always wanted to marry.

This comprehensive, how-to book teaches ways to know self, to use challenging situations to mirror your own lessons, to help heal an estranged relationship, or to transform a traditional relationship into a self-actualizing, enlightened one. There are secrets for everyone – if single, there are dating-tips, if ready to divorce, learn the difference between completing versus avoiding lessons, or if with a life partner, discover how to create a long-term, conscious relationship.

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Building Self-Esteem:
Be Your True Self

Do You Have a Self-Esteem Problem? You are not alone.

Most, if not all of us, need a boost to overcome some negativity, whether from our conditioning or from ourselves with that self-critical, judgmental inner voice. It is very common to have some aspects of low self-esteem even when you are self-actualizing and doing well in some areas of your life.  I have been working with this information for over thirty years and still get pulled down sometimes. I then have to practice exactly the same techniques I will be sharing with you in this lecture and in my books.

Learn that there are definite things you can do to build your self-esteem, such as developing an internal locus of control and letting go of being controlled by outer world people and events. As you change and grow to know your true Self and to accept yourself, it will positively influence your relationships with your partner, children, family and coworkers.

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